17 UFOs in 2017

One of the projects I needed to do was a baby quilt for the wife of one of DH Mike’s co-workers. She’s due later this month.

Their nursery theme is baby elephants. Mike didn’t want it pieced, he wanted it to be one piece front and back. If you look close, the front fabric is all elephants, in different colors, and the pattern I quilted is also elephants.

Meanwhile, on the UFO front, I’ve been working on my Roseville Album quilt. I don’t know why, but it’s really slow going. I’m using mostly Kaffe Fassett fabrics, with some batiks tossed in for contrast. Rosevilee 3 (2)

I’m linking this up to: https://pomegranateandchintz.wordpress.com/2017/04/30/17ufosin2017-april/

We moved my mother to her new facility today. I’m hoping she will do better than in the last place. Her new roommate seems very nice; her last one had dementia and couldn’t even converse with Mom. Mom became more and more reclusive because of that.

Well, that’s all for now. I do ask for your prayers for Mom.

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Life goes on

My mother is suppposed to move to her new facility this week. I’m very disappointed in the place she’s been for the past 2 years. She’s deteriorated; especially since January of last year.

She’s had her physical, and we’re supposed to take her for an assessment before she can be admitted.

On the quilty side of the house, here’s a Quilt of Valor I recently finished. The blocks are signature blocks from the New Jersey State Fair, mostly done by children to thank soldiers for their service. I had the privilege of quilting it. It will be given to a veteran from one of the wars our service men and women have fought in over the decades.


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17 UFOs in 2017

I haven’t made much progress but I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂 All that’s left is some berries and some cotton leaves. Then I can quilt it!!! I just realized that what I need to do is get some other UFOs out so I see them and work on them. I’m participating in the 17 in 2017 challenge put forth by Meredithe over at  Pomegranate and Chintz 17 UFOs in 2017


March ufo

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Glad to be here

Well, Mom’s 98th birthday passed without much incident. I brought her a big cupcake, only to find that the kitchen had brought up a huge  piece of chocolate cake for her! I thought that was so great.

Unfortunately, I received a letter last week from the group that has purchased Mom’s assisted living facility. Apparently, because she has what’s called a “mechanical diet”, meaning that she has to have thickened liquids and chopped food, she can’t stay at Elant. The administrator and case manager sat down with DH Mike and me, and we went over her records. Mom was tested last month to see whether she is starting to suffer from dementia, and how well she can take care of herself. She scored very high on the test, but it’s the diet………… So now we have to tour new facilities in new towns in the area.

On the quilting front, I’ve gotten a few more client quilts done.

Sorry, they’re not in order. The pink backing with the bunnies goes with the pink, white and gray quilt. Then there’s an Oriental style that came out very cool! The Rail Fence is very dramatic with that dark green, don’t you think? Since I only do edge-to-edge quilting, I challenge myself to come up with  patterns that will work with every quilt that I am privileged to quilt.

So, that’s where I’m at right now. Hopefully, Mom will be settled soon in her new home, and we’ll all get used to a new routine.

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Yesterday was spent in preparation for this; today I’m just looking out the windows. We’re up to about 2 feet so far, with another 3 inches possible. DH Mike went in to work this morning to cover for those who couldn’t make it. He’s sleeping there, so our daughter and I are holding down the fort.

Tuesday is when I usually visit Mom, but all of NY is under a state of emergency. No way could I drive over to Goshen. On a good day, it only takes 20 minutes. A lot of the roads have been closed all day.

I’m stitching, but not ready to share just yet. So I’ll sign off for this week, and hope to be able to have something for show and tell.

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I’m back!

Yes, I know I missed a week. I have no excuse-I have a reminder on my Outlook calendar. Poof!! Gone.

Last week, I worked on this:halo-medallion-month-1It’s the first block in a BOM (block of the month) project through The Quilt Show, an online community/show that I’m a member of. It’s called Halo Medallion, and new information is released on the first of every month for a year. I thought I did a better job fussy cutting the center, but since the entire thing is paper pieced, I am NOT taking it out.

Here’s my little work area:paper-piecing-messand part of my mess. I’m working on half square triangles now that finish around 1 1/2 inches each.

Went to see Mom; she’s doing pretty good. She says she hates where she’s living, but we’re full. Since the kids came home, and show no signs of moving out, we’re really full.

The nursing home called me today-the doctor wants Mom to go to an ENT because she can’t hear. I reminded the nurse I was speaking to that one of the aides lost Mom’s hearing aid. Many months ago, a girl on staff told me to keep the hearing aid in the med room at night. That way, it was easier to keep track of when Mom had it and when she didn’t. Well, a while back, the aide took the hearing aid and signed it into the med room. Next morning, it was gone. Therefore, they owe my mother a hearing aid! The nurse gave me the direct number of the new administrator, and I left a message. We’ll see if I get a call back. One of the office workers told me she’d help by speaking to the nursing staff.

Tyler was at our place Friday night until Saturday bedtime. He went home early because he had a wrestling match in Pennsylvania yesterday and they had to get an early start.  Anyway, Saturday was a beautiful day! Tyler and I went to the local park-he rode his bike, and I walked behind. He was really good about waiting at corners for me to catch up. 🙂 He couldn’t go on any of the playground equipment; it was still covered in snow! So he did some pushups and ran some of his energy off.


I’m back to working on client quilts. Here’s a couple of recent ones:

This first one was made by a friend for her sister. It was supposed to be a Christmas present, but my broken knee put me out of commission for almost 3 months. Marla was very understanding and supportive, and I was able to get it to her in early January. I used a light taupe thread and did an allover pattern called Feathered Curls. It’s one of my favorites, and it looks great.

This one is a hand embroidered top. The client is a friend of one of my regulars, Kathi. Kathi had made one also, and I finished for her last month. They wanted an allover, so I did a pattern called Flurries. If you look at the back, you’ll see  it’s snowflakes. I used a cream thread; white always looks too stark to me.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. Hope all is well in your world. I’m going to get back to my paper piecing-month 3 of the Halo Medallion will be released soon!! Plus, I’m making progress on my 17 UFOs in 2017.

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A not so great day

I’ve always had a problem with paper piecing. I don’t know why; I’ve been told I think backwards already, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

I spent most of last week working on a client’s quilt; I finished the binding on Saturday and she picked it up today. I forgot to take a picture so I asked her to take one when she gifts it to her daughter.

I had to pay a ticket today. I didn’t really do anything wrong, except back up in the wrong place.  😦   So I paid my debt to society. I promise never to do it again. <sigh>

Here’s my work table with my paper piecing mess: paper-piecing-messWish me luck!!

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Paper Piecing

Have you ever decided to try a new technique? You know you can do it, but time after time you have to unsew. Well, that’s me and paper piecing. I’ve decided to do the block of the month from The Quilt Show, designed by Sue Garman. Sue recently passed away and for some reason, I feel an obligation to do this one.

I was at a friend’s home yesterday with the ladies from my monthly sewing group. I did the first couple of blocks pretty quickly. On a roll, right? WRONG! Not only did I have to rip out a lot of stitches, but they were dang tiny stitches to boot.

This is how I felt: pulling-hair-out

One of my friends asked me why I was torturing myself. Well, I want to learn how to do this. I’d like to have it in my quilting toolkit. Like Alex Anderson stated in the latest TQS streaming video, “it has its place”. I will conquer this; hopefully I’ll have a block to show you next time.

On a completely different subject, I am working on a challenge-17 UFOs in 2017. I’m going to finish or make progress on 17 projects. And no, doing the BOM shouldn’t take away from that; in fact, maybe it will be # 18!

Have an awesome week! I’m rooting for the Atlanta Falcons in Sunday’s Super Bowl. I just can’t bring myself to cheer for Tom Brady and the Patriots.

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