Hello again world

I’ve moved over here to WordPress, hoping that it will motivate me, and help me to understand my world.

You might be wondering about the name of the blog-Sandwich Generation Quilter. Well, that’s what I am. I’m trying to do the best by my mother, who will be 96 in March. She has seen so much! Unfortunately, a lot of it is kind of fuzzy for her. No Alzheimer’s or dementia, just a very full Rolodex in her memory.050

Next up, both our grown kids live here. One hasn’t left, and one came back after a divorce. Hubby lost his office and is now sharing the family room. Oh well. We do what we need to do, right? That said, it would be nice if we could live our lives. I don’t have any pics because they don’t like having their pictures taken.

Last, but definitely not least, our 5 1/2 year old grandson spends every weekend here with his father, our son. We love him to pieces!! However, I don’t remember my kids being this full of energy.


In between all this, I try to quilt; both for clients and for me. I’ve been a quilter for about 20 years, and a longarm machine quilter for almost 15 years. If you go over to my Facebook page, you’ll see pics of my work. Since I don’t like duplication of effort, most of the quilts will be over there. I’ll share my little projects here.

I think that’s it for now; see you here next time.Siggie block


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