Happy New Year!

Just checked and I haven’t published since 2015!! I am so sorry. I’m going to attempt this again; maybe once a week. If I put it on my calendar, I’ll hold myself more accountable. Ya think?

Here’s a couple of quilts that I finished in 2016. I don’t do custom anymore, just edge to edge. It’s so much easier on the body!


We moved Mom into assisted living in May of 2015, and she adjusted pretty well. I’m only about 10 miles away now; instead of 85. Since Mike and I share one car, I get over to see her about once a week. She started out in strictly assisted living, where the caregivers don’t do much-the residents are more or less self sufficient. Last January, we had to move her, upstairs in the same facility, to enhanced assisted living. The aides help a lot more. Mom is fading a bit; she’ll be 98 in March!

What do you think of Tyler? He’s gotten taller, but hasn’t gained much weight. Fine with me; I can still pick him up for a cuddle 🙂 He’s in 2nd grade now and he’s so smart! We still see him every weekend.

I broke my kneecap in August. Since I couldn’t quilt, I lost some clients. I’m so grateful for those that have stuck by me.

I guess that’s it for now. Like I said above, I’m putting this blog on my calendar. I’m making it a priority. Take care and have a great day!

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