Life goes on

My mother is suppposed to move to her new facility this week. I’m very disappointed in the place she’s been for the past 2 years. She’s deteriorated; especially since January of last year.

She’s had her physical, and we’re supposed to take her for an assessment before she can be admitted.

On the quilty side of the house, here’s a Quilt of Valor I recently finished. The blocks are signature blocks from the New Jersey State Fair, mostly done by children to thank soldiers for their service. I had the privilege of quilting it. It will be given to a veteran from one of the wars our service men and women have fought in over the decades.


Siggie block


17 UFOs in 2017

I haven’t made much progress but I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. ūüôā All that’s left is some berries and some cotton leaves. Then I can quilt it!!! I just realized that what I need to do is get some other UFOs out so I see them and work on them. I’m participating in the 17 in 2017 challenge put forth by Meredithe over at ¬†Pomegranate and Chintz¬†17 UFOs in 2017


March ufo

Siggie block

Glad to be here

Well, Mom’s 98th birthday passed without much incident. I brought her a big cupcake, only to find that the kitchen had brought up a huge ¬†piece of chocolate cake for her! I thought that was so great.

Unfortunately, I received a letter last week from the group that has purchased Mom’s assisted living facility. Apparently, because she has what’s called a “mechanical diet”, meaning that she has to have thickened liquids and chopped food, she can’t stay at Elant. The administrator and case manager sat down with DH Mike and me, and we went over her records. Mom was tested last month to see whether she is starting to suffer from dementia, and how well she can take care of herself. She scored very high on the test, but it’s the diet………… So now we have to tour new facilities in new towns in the area.

On the quilting front, I’ve gotten a few more client quilts done.

Sorry, they’re not in order. The pink backing with the bunnies goes with the pink, white and gray quilt. Then there’s an Oriental style that came out very cool! The Rail Fence is very dramatic with that dark green, don’t you think? Since I only do edge-to-edge quilting, I challenge myself to come up with ¬†patterns that will work with¬†every quilt that I am privileged to quilt.

So, that’s where I’m at right now. Hopefully, Mom will be settled soon in her new home, and we’ll all get used to a new routine.

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Yesterday was spent in preparation for this; today I’m just looking out the windows. We’re up to about 2 feet so far, with another 3 inches possible. DH Mike went in to work this morning to cover for those who couldn’t make it. He’s sleeping there, so our daughter and I are holding down the fort.

Tuesday is when I usually visit Mom, but all of NY is under a state of emergency. No way could I drive over to Goshen. On a good day, it only takes 20 minutes. A lot of the roads have been closed all day.

I’m stitching, but not ready to share just yet. So I’ll sign off for this week, and hope to be able to have something for show and tell.

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A not so great day

I’ve always had a problem with paper piecing. I don’t know why; I’ve been told I think backwards already, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

I spent most of last week working on a client’s quilt; I finished the binding on Saturday and she picked it up today. I forgot to take a picture so I asked her to take one when she gifts it to her daughter.

I had to pay a ticket today. I didn’t really do anything wrong, except back up in the wrong place. ¬†ūüė¶ ¬† So I paid my debt to society. I promise never to do it again. <sigh>

Here’s my work table with my paper piecing mess:¬†paper-piecing-messWish me luck!!

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